Cosm, B-Stream and EZDRM Enable 360-degree VR Sporting Coverage

A novel streaming service during a recent major international sporting event demonstrates just how far cloud services technology can extend the commercial live video experience. EZDRM collaborated with immersive experience creator Cosm and advanced streaming technology supplier B-Stream to deliver a wide range of 180 degree mono/stereoscopic and 360 degree virtual reality content live from the venue in Tokyo, Japan.

Oculus_Quest_2.0The Cosm immersive services, delivered  Oculus headsets, mobile phones and the web, all secured by B-Stream with EZDRM services, was hugely successful. Hundreds of thousands of streams were supported during the two week event, with peaks of up to 30k licenses/sec during the opening event and popular competitions.

The operations configuration demonstrated the power and maturity of cloud-based services supported on AWS. The use of Ateme Titan Live on AWS cloud and AWS MediaPackage services delivered high quality ABR streams with security integrated via EZDRM's robust support of the SPEKE key management API.

"The partnership of Cosm, B-Stream and EZDRM for this event demonstrated the potential for large scale, commercial Virtual Reality broadcast," stated Julien Roch, CTO of B-Stream. "The integration of DRM protection with the cloud production workflow was flawless, and the secure delivery of hundreds of thousands of VR streams was completed efficiently and effectively."

"We were happy to take on the challenge of pushing commercial live streaming technology into the VR market space," commented Olga Kornienko, co-founder and COO of EZDRM. "In common with many of these initiatives, the solid foundation of our robust services and our mature partner integrations enables us to pull off a successful venture."

About Cosm Immersive

Cosm Immersive, a division of Cosm, is the global leader in live immersive sports and entertainment, providing live immersive production, distribution and video streaming tech platform, and immersive app and SDK development services to partners in the form of headset and mobile applications.

About B-Stream

B-Stream brings you what you can expect from your partner; a Service, speed, and reliability — these are what you rely on to deliver rich media experiences, and they are the core focus of B-Stream. More than simply relying on the most experienced content delivery networks through the world, B-Stream wants to empower you to engage your audience and deliver premium interactive experiences. Our services encompass caching and streaming video production and custom application development.

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