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Flexible Security for iOS Devices

Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) is the hardware integrated DRM option that provides secure video playback within the streaming subsystems on Mac desktops, all iOS/iPadOS devices and Apple TV. Using the support of an FPS DRM service, video service operators and content owners can securely distribute premium content, including Ultra HD, 4K, and HDR, to Apple devices of all types.

Using FPS within a video service enables flexible models for monetization of live and on-demand content while protecting the content from unauthorized use and piracy. One of the collateral benefits of FPS protection is extending the range of secure service reach through casting and redirection using Apple Airplay.

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Enabling the Apple ecosystem

Product Features

Native Security on Apple Devices

Native support of built-in hardware security supporting video protection within browsers and apps on iOS, Apple TV, and OS X platforms. Video service operators and content owners can take advantage of this level of protection to securely distribute Ultra HD, 4K and HDR premium content, enabling flexible models for monetization while protecting against unauthorized use and piracy.

HLS and CMAF Streams

FPS is the natural complement to both transport and sample encryption formats on HLS streams.. This support extends to enable CMAF with a native AES CBC encryption key system, as already endorsed throughout the industry.

AirPlay Support

Full AirPlay support for dynamic stream consumption and video casting across multiple slave device screens.

Powered by EZDRM

FairPlay DRM is an easy to integrate cloud-based service, giving you the benefits of standardized encryption in the delivery of your audio and video content. License entitlement uses custom device data, enabling any business logic to seamlessly integrate into the DRM license delivery process. Includes a proven interface to all leading live, on-demand and dynamic content packaging tools.

Supported Platforms

FairPlay DRM takes advantage of HTML5 standardized Encrypted Media Extensions in browser based video service delivery. FairPlay technology has not at this point been made available for licensing on 3rd party platforms and so is not supported on Smart TV or streaming devices.


  • Safari browsers and applications on Mac desktops
  • Browser and apps on iPhone/iPad
  • Apple TV


  • HLS
  • CMAF

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