EZDRM Integration Documentation

We believe that you do not need to be a jack of all trades - you need to be a master of one. So we specialize in DRM and defer to our partners for other streaming components. And we strive to make integrating with our partners easy and straightforward. Below are resources related to partner integration to give you an understanding of what is involved in the DRM setup process.

EZDRM Implementation 

Below are instructions for some basic setup of an encoding/packaging environment that requires manual key entry. The following will help you establish the workflow necessary to successfully apply DRM to your media.

pdf iconEZDRM KeyZ API 

pdf iconEZDRM CPIX Keys 

pdf iconEZDRM Universal DRM Setup 

pdf iconEZDRM Apple FairPlay DRM Setup 

pdf iconEZDRM WisePlay DRM Keys 

pdf iconEZDRM Testing Playback 


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