DRM and Watermarking Combination

This demonstration illustrates the power of combining multiple layers of security technology to protect video content from illegitimate capture and mis-use.

The demonstration video display you see below is dependent on the browser used to view this page - as auto-detected and displayed.

Multi-DRM Security and Friend MTS Watermarking

The layers of security here include:

  • Video stream security using our Universal Complete CMAF-oriented service, enabling native security support in Edge, Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera, IE, Safari and all app-based clients using both software and available hardware support.
  • Insertion of an imperceptible watermark image, containing sufficient information that any video content re-captured by a rogue user can to be traced back to the legitimate source.
The video starts out with no watermark. At the 30 second mark you will see the fingerprint turn green in the upper right corner. This is to show how the watermark has zero impact on the viewing quality of the media.