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Flexible Security for Global Services

WisePlay DRM is a relatively new offering in the world of DRM technologies used by service operators. In the absence of other licensable options for Huawei devices, WisePlay provides a complete hardware integrated security capability for premium content services, including Ultra HD, 4K, and HDR, to these client types.

WisePlay is being developed and marketed by Huawei Technologies based around, and compatible with, the stringent core standards of the ChinaDRM initiative. WisePlay is part of the range of key server technologies supported by EZDRM to provide a totally seamless way of protecting and delivering video services to global populations of client devices.

WisePlay DRM as a service
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Enabling the ChinaDRM ecosystem

Product Features

Native Security on Huawei Devices

Leverages native client hardware security support on latest Huawei devices. Robust device security is enabled with factory provisioned keyboxes to establish an individualized hardware root of trust, secure decryption and content rendering.

HLS and MPEG-DASH Streams

Fully leverages ISO CENC, transport and sample encryption standards to protect video streams in all delivery formats.

Industry Standards Compliant

Standard support for establish encryption formats is extended to multi-DRM content protection systems when integrated within Universal DRM service.

Powered by EZDRM

WisePlay DRM is an easy to integrate cloud-based service, giving you the benefits of industry grade protection of your audio and video content. License entitlement uses custom device data, enabling any business logic to seamlessly integrate into the DRM license delivery process. Includes a proven interface to all leading live, on-demand and dynamic content packaging tools.

Supported Platforms

WisePlay DRM is fully compatible with MPEG-DASH and CENC standards in delivery to a mixed client population, while also supporting the security for established HLS streaming services.


  • Huawei smartphones and tablets with Kirin 990 EMUI 10.1+
  • Huawei smartphones and tablet EMUI 11.0+


  • HLS

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