EZDRM Industry FAQ

We've collected some key questions - and the associated answers - that deal with how Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used in the video services marketplace today. We hope you find the information we have collected here useful. If you have additional questions on this general topic please don’t hesitate to send us a note via the form below and we will add our answers (and give you the credit!)

Downloadable Resources

You may be interested in the following basic service overview documents:

DRM 101

DRM Simplified

AWS Multi-DRM Solution brief

At a time of continuing change and new opportunities in our industry, the EZDRM team believe that we have reached a good time to publish an updated version of our FAQ / Industry Question & Answer document related to video streaming and security.

The FAQ content here, and the full, downloadable version of the FAQ document contains up-to-date answers to a wide variety of questions we have been asked in the past, plus a general introduction to the topic of security.

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