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Truly Global Streaming Security

The EZDRM Universal Complete DRM solution combines and upgrades all DRM-as-a-Service offerings to provide security for CMAF-based streaming video services. Using CMAF readies streaming services for the future and optimizes the delivery experience from both a technical and consumer viewpoint.

Universal Complete is a service that finally combines all major DRM technologies in a single unified service package. Apple's FairPlay DRM, Microsoft's PlayReady DRM, Google's Widevine DRM and Huawei's WisePlay DRM are simultaneously combined in a single video content origin file to offer seamless and efficient secure service delivery across all manifest types. EZDRM's Universal Complete is the ultimate in multi-DRM stream security, with the full range of DRM license server options available for each and every content asset, and a truly global solution reach.

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Our premier CMAF multi-DRM service

Product Features

Seamless Multi-DRM

Universal Complete is 100% standards-based multi-DRM security. Using a CMAF encrypted format in conjunction with Universal Complete, service operators and content owners can securely distribute premium content to the widest range of client device types in a totally transparent fashion, enabling flexible business models for monetization while protecting the content from unauthorized use and piracy.

Fully enables CMAF & HESP

Fully leverages a single encryption standard to enable a unified service delivery with truly universal client DRM compatibility. The native CBCS encryption approach adopted throughout the industry gives  client compatibility across all modern manifest types. 

Studio Approved Security

Apple's FairPlay, Google Widevine DRM, Huawei's WisePlay DRM and Microsoft PlayReady DRM technologies offer proven conformance with the stringent security requirements of the Hollywood studios and other major rights holders for premium content licensing, distribution and delivery.

Powered by EZDRM

Universal Complete is an easy to integrate cloud-based service, giving you the benefits of industry grade protection of your audio and video. Uses custom device data, enabling any business logic to seamlessly integrate into the DRM license issuing process. Includes a proven interface to all leading live, on-demand and dynamic content packaging tools.

Supported Platforms

Universal Complete takes full advantage of HTML5 standardized Encrypted Media Extensions in browser based video service delivery, but also fully supports app delivery across the widest range of device platforms. Universal DRM Complete overcomes all limitations of proprietary support silos and enables stream viewing across all mobile, Smart TV and streaming STB devices.


  • IE11 and Edge browsers on Windows
  • Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows and ChromeOS
  • Browser and apps on Android phones and tablets
  • Browsers and apps on Android TV STBs
  • Chromecast/Google Cast devices
  • Browsers and apps on Apple devices
  • Browsers and apps on Huawei devices


  • CMAF

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