Multi-key CPIX

Standardized Multi-Key Security

An EZDRM solution configuration supports the use of a CPIX XML document to be used to set different encryption keys for multi-channel audio, HD video, UHD video, etc. tracks in a single video stream.

  • Efficient, open standard for multi-faceted security in a single stream
  • Satisfies all premium content requirements for rights-holders
  • Enforces hardware DRM support for most valuable stream content
  • Software-level DRM protection in the same stream offers broadest device-level compatibility


A specific flexibility demanded by rights-holders and service operators is the ability to encrypt a single multi-presentation content stream with multiple systems of encryption keys. Such a configuration is required where different tracks in the stream, typically offered at different service price points, are associated with DRM licenses that enforce the multi-level business model. This approach is recommended by all major DRM systems and implemented as a feature by EZDRM.

A standardized approach to this is possible using a Content Protection Information eXchange (CPIX) DRM configuration. Multi-key CPIX is one of the more sophisticated approaches in the realm of digital rights management (DRM) that enhances the security of content distribution. CPIX is an XML-based standard for exchanging key-related information between different components of a DRM system, facilitating interoperability. In a multi-key CPIX scenario, multiple encryption keys are employed to protect different parts of the content, allowing for a more granular and flexible approach to content protection.

One of the key advantages of multi-key CPIX is its ability to support complex content distribution scenarios. Different keys can be assigned to various components of a multimedia asset, such as audio, video, subtitles, or specific segments within a video stream. This granularity enables content providers to tailor access controls more precisely, consistent with the business logic of the service, granting or revoking permissions for specific elements without affecting the entire content.

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