Solutions Focus: Secure Low-Latency Streaming

Today’s streaming consumers are no longer satisfied with experiencing annoying delays between live events delivered on a traditional broadcast service and their own "live" streams. But achieving low-latency delivery cannot come at the expense of commercial-grade security. The HESP Alliance believes it has an approach that delivers on both.EZDRM_HESP_illustration_withmsIn our solutions focus running up to NAB 2024, we want to highlight our work on ground-breaking streaming delivery standards. A full solutions page is published now.

Lowering start-up times and end-to-end latency on live streaming services will undoubtedly improve the quality of experience–and therefore the competitive profile–of all types of linear streams. But very low-latency streaming, perhaps at the sub-second latency level, will also open up the potential for a vast new range of information and entertainment services, including driving the use of streaming for real money-making applications such as live sports events and the associated wagering services.

The HESP Alliance brings together streaming video vendors and media companies to provide practical implementations of this superior online video quality of experience through standardizing and advancing the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP). The full scope of the HESP Alliance approach can be seen at the associated web site.

Note that the goal of low-latency delivery cannot in any way compromise service integrity by a sacrifice of streaming security. The EZDRM contribution to the commercialization of HESP streaming technology has helped ensure that this vital consideration is front of mind, as well as validating the minimal impact that DRM protection actually has on overall stream latency in such services. You can see the basis for our contribution to secure low-latency streaming at the HESP Solution page on our site.

We are also happy to demonstrate and discuss our work on HESP at the NAB show - book your meeting now!

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