Watermarking and DRM

Using Complementary Security Techniques

Multi-layered Security Solution

Video watermarking is a security approach that is compatible with and extensive of the security envelope provided by DRM. Increasingly this is used to provide glass-to-glass protection and identification of content sources that are illegally being redistributed.

  • Highly complementary approaches to service security
  • Multiple layers of protection for streaming service operator revenue
  • Compliance with MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection
  • Live event and VOD content support
  • Especially critical for the commercial success of streamed sporting events
Friend MTS ASiD watermarking


DRM and watermarking are distinct yet complementary strategies employed in the realm of video streaming security. DRM operates as a comprehensive fortress, safeguarding digital content by encrypting it and controlling access through licensing mechanisms. Its primary objective is to prevent unauthorized viewing, copying, or distribution. In contrast, watermarking is a subtle but potent technique that involves embedding imperceptible markers directly into the content, allowing for traceability in case of leaks or unauthorized sharing. While DRM focuses on restricting access, watermarking serves as a forensic tool, enabling the identification of the source of unauthorized distribution.

The key distinction lies in their primary functions: DRM is the gatekeeper, ensuring only authorized users can access and consume content, while watermarking is the detective, leaving an indelible mark for post-event identification. DRM operates covertly in the background, whereas watermarking may leave faint traces that can be detected if actively sought. The combination of both technologies is often embraced, leveraging DRM for robust access control and watermarking for traceability, creating a multifaceted defense against the multifaceted challenges posed by unauthorized access and distribution in the dynamic landscape of video streaming.

The EZDRM partnerships with key watermarking technology vendors offers the best in layered security, combining robust DRMaaS with advanced generations of watermarking insertion and monitoring solutions for glass-to-glass security in video service operation.

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