Universal DRM Service Demo

At EZDRM we believe in using native DRM technology. To illustrate this directly, the demonstration video display you see below is dependent on the HTML5 browser used to view this page - as auto-detected and displayed beside the video window.

MPEG-DASH Multi-DRM Format

For video stream playback using native HTML5/EME support in Edge, Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera, and IE, the content here uses EZDRM Universal DRM for security and encryption on fmp4 content using the AES-CTR/CENC algorithm. This format supports Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady DRM references within a multi-DRM MPEG DASH manifest file..

HLS Format

For video stream playback using native DRM in a Safari browser, the content here will use EZDRM FairPlay Streaming for security with AES-CBC encryption on fmp4/TS content organized within an HLS stream format.