Streaming Takes Off for EZDRM at World Cup 2022

Congratulations to team Argentina for their dramatic World Cup win in Qatar! And we should also celebrate that this is one of the first major sporting events, where live streaming video coverage lit up the fan base worldwide and demonstrated its technological and business maturity.

Amazing soccer goalStreaming video delivery of the excitement at the World Cup over the last few weeks has been both pervasive and compelling. A large number of our customers and partners have been involved in efforts to deliver a compelling fan experience and realize the business upside of an event with billions of potential viewers. 

Our own customers certainly experienced a peak of viewing traffic for this event as well, as notable achievements in low-latency and virtual reality coverage. Final viewing statistics are still to be reported, but there are some stunning numbers involved - a peak of over 1.1Billion viewers worldwide are expected by FIFA. Let's hope for some more details on service provider numbers across different platforms to be provided - streaming services in India, for example, have reported in detail on their 32m viewers, which is quite an accomplishment.

We hope to bring you more detail on some of these customer highlights in the new year.

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