EZDRM Highlights HESP Alliance Security at IBC 2022

EZDRM is pleased to highlight its support of the High Efficiency Stream Protocol (HESP) Alliance at IBC 2022. We will be hosting demos at our booth of secure, low-latency streaming and participating in the multi-booth HESP tour on Friday, 9th Sept.

The High Efficiency Stream Protocol (HESP) is an adaptive HTTP based video streaming protocol which brings superior quality of experience for online viewers, while reducing the cost for scaling media delivery up to 20%. The HESP Alliance is a collaborative community of industry leaders striving to further improve the quality of experience of online viewers and the cost-efficient delivery of online video with HESP solutions.

22Q3_IBC_HESP-Alliance-Tour_Social-4The IBC 2022 HESP tour is scheduled for Friday 9 September. Express your interest on the HESP Alliance web site.

  • Tour start: 15h45
  • Booth visits: 15h45-17h
  • Drinks & networking: from 17h

"We continue to support the HESP Alliance with our development and demonstration work for the IBC 2022 tour," states David Eisenbacher, CEO of EZDRM. "Our customers and partners are anxious to enable a premium live streaming experience in a highly competitive service marketplace, and HESP offers a low-risk approach to such an upgrade."

As DRM specialists, we are particularly enthusiastic about the attention paid in this initiative to security features that are critical to the consumer experience of live streaming. We will be talking about these topic at the IBC show and during the HESP tour event. Our primary goals have been:

  • Illustrating the minimal overhead of security on stream startup, which is a critical issue for consumer engagement, especially when channel zapping.
  • Being careful to ensure that security mechanisms do not negatively affect the very low latency achievable within HESP streamed content.
  • Consistency with established cross-platform infrastructure elements, including ABR transcoders, studio-grade DRM technologies, and robust client player frameworks.

We hope to see you on our booth during the IBC 2022 event to discuss to this technology and its benefits in greater depth,

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