IBC 2019 - A Focus on Protecting Revenues

An IBC 2019 Content Everywhere conference session gave us the opportunity to reinforce a key EZDRM message - if you are worried about video service revenue, you should definitely be worried about security!

The session "Securing content to protect revenues and the eco-system" in the Content Everywhere theatre at IBC 2019 delivered both positive and concerning messages from the contributors.

IBC Panel - Olga1

On stage with Olga Kornienko were Orly Amsalem, Senior Product Manager, Security - Synamedia and Jürgen Jõgeva, Partner Director - Axinom. The panel was moderated by Andreas Waltenspiel of IET Media / Waltenspiel Management Consulting.

Overall, the context of the panel was that piracy is robbing the content industry of tens of billions of dollars per year. This is despite a trend towards standardization of security and security related APIs that mean integration and use of DRM is simpler and more cost effective than ever. Part of the puzzle is service operators that don't take full advantage of the available security and run the risk of breaching licensing obligations or damaging their own revenue streams - as well as affecting other operators in the same market. Is there a better message for such operators regarding support for rapid growth and long term service resilience?

Another interesting art of the discussion raised some of the cultural issues around content value in the growing business of video streaming services. Has credential sharing for such services become a cultural norm and yet another cost of doing business? Technically, it would seem that sharing login information could be fairly easily prevented with authentication checks - but is there a concern about unacceptable friction in the use of the services?

Of course the answers to such questions are not easy, but this discussion at least provided some great context on the last day of a record breaking IBC show. You can view the full panel session presentation video here.

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