DASH-IF Appoints Olga Kornienko as Promotions Working Group's Chair

The DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) today announced that the forum has appointed Olga Kornienko as its Promotion Working Group’s (PWG) Chair. The DASH-IF’s PWG is responsible for the promotion of the DASH-IF developed technology and showcasing its members’ related technologies at industry events, trade shows, and other public settings, as well as educating the industry about recent DASH technical developments.

DASH_Logo_farbig_PNG“In the last 12 years, DASH-IF has been working to promote the use of the DASH standard. Considering her depth of technical knowledge and long experience in the media industry, Olga’s leadership of this working group will further its mission to make the industry more aware of the latest DASH-IF’s work as well as facilitating the various DASH-IF’s events,” said Iraj Sodagar, the DASH-IF’s President and Chairman of Board. “Olga has been involved for many years in this industry. She has been also an active member of DASH-IF, and we are very happy that she is taking this leadership role for the benefit of the DASH-IF and the whole media streaming industry.”

For the full text of this announcement, please see The DASH-IF press release text.

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