EZDRM Completes AWS SPEKE 2.0 Transition

EZDRM is pleased to confirm that it has completed integration and certification of its SPEKE 2.0 API interface in support of AWS Media Services that require DRM key exchange functions. In conjunction with upgrade to the long supported SPEKE 1.0 API support, the EZDRM SPEKE 2.0 implementation provides the additional value of backwards compatibility and eliminates the need for any local SPEKE server in the AWS cloud service configuration. 

Pioneered by the Media& Entertainment team at AWS, the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) API uses the DASH Industry Forum Content Protection Information Exchange Format (DASH-IF-CPIX) data structure definition for key exchange, with some restrictions. DASH-IF-CPIX defines a schema to provide an extensible, multi-DRM exchange from the DRM platform to the encryptor. This enables content encryption for all adaptive bitrate packaging formats at the time of content compression and packaging. Adaptive bitrate packaging formats include HLS, DASH, and MSS.

Starting with its version 2.0, SPEKE is aligned on a specific CPIX version: On the SPEKE side, this is enforced through the use of the X-Speke-Version HTTP header, and on the CPIX side through the use of the CPIX@version attribute. A lack of these elements in the requests is typical of SPEKE v1 legacy workflows. In SPEKE v2 workflows, the key provider is expected to process CPIX documents only if it supports both version parameters.

For EZDRM customers, the headline features of SPEKE 2.0 are:

  • Multi-key packaging - A function that encrypts the output video and audio tracks of different profiles with separate DRM encryption keys. For example, using EZDRM AWS Elemental MediaPackage can supports multi-key packaging for DASH, MSS,  HLS, or CMAF manifest outputs.
  • Unification of SPEKE data structures with DASH CPIX 2.3 to enable broader industry support. With EZDRM this achieves full backwards capability.  Now clients using both MediaConvert and MediaPackage supporting SPEKE 1.0 and 2.0 workflows can use the same SPEKE 2.0 API endpoint.
  • A greatly simplified SPEKE deployment integration, with no need to deploy a local SPEKE server into the AWS account.
spekev2-mediapackage002SPEKE 2.0 with Multi-Key Support

More details on SPEKE can be found on the AWS site.

For any questions on our EZDRM services please contact us.

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