Brid.TV Partners with EZDRM to Improve Content Security for Publishers

Brid.TV, a comprehensive online video platform and monetization solution, has partnered with EZDRM to offer improved levels of content security and high-end protection from unauthorized access and distribution to all of its users. Video publishers from all industries are now able to manage, distribute, and monetize their content while enjoying unparalleled levels of security.brid-post1

Brid.TV’s integration with EZDRM's DRM as a Service (DRMaaS) solution now allows publishers to protect their video content from illegal access, copying, or redistribution, thus saving their businesses from potential major losses due to copyright infringement. On top of this, they can limit the viewership of both on-demand and live content to only authorized consumers and devices using high-end encryption technology.

“As an enterprise-level video management and monetization provider, we place a lot of importance on the security features of our platform,” said Uroš Jojić, President of Brid.TV. “EZDRM services have provided us with the opportunity to grant our publishers the highest level of protection. Now, they can manage and deliver their content online while being sure it will not end up in the wrong hands.”


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, digital video piracy drains between $30 and $70 billion every year. With these numbers in mind, it has become evident that publishers have much to gain from access to high-end DRM technology. And that is exactly what the partnership between EZDRM and Brid.TV brings to the table.

DRM technology is paramount for secure content distribution and monetization. Tech solutions such as EZDRM are actively fighting to put a stop to illegal access and reproduction of content. In other words, by guarding access to digital property, DRM helps publishers boost revenue and avoid financial losses.

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Aside from protecting content, DRM allows publishers to easily launch new subscription or transaction-based video-on-demand services - in fact DRM enables the control you need for any service business model. This happens not only through access restrictions for non-subscribers but also redistribution restrictions for users who are authorized to access the content.

But the importance of DRM doesn’t stop at monetization. This technology also plays an important role in protecting confidential information or content meant for internal communication, especially in corporate settings. While unauthorized access does not directly impact the publisher’s revenue in such cases, it can cause great harm if the content ends up in the wrong hands. High-end DRM solutions such as EZDRM DRMaaS ensure this does not happen.

The partnership between EZDRM and Brid.TV is a major milestone on the road to providing publishers all over the world with secure, straightforward, and accessible solutions for content management, distribution, protection, and monetization.

About Brid.TV

Brid.TV is a fast-growing software company  that offers video monetization and management solutions to medium and large publishers from all industries. Devoted to making the digital video landscape a safe and productive environment, Brid.TV has been providing high-end private hosting, a low-latency HTML5 player, ad-based monetization solutions, and various other tools and services since 2018.

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