Agora Partners With EZDRM To Bring Content Protection To Live Broadcasting

Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, today announced a new partnership with EZDRM, the premier provider of Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS). The partnership aims to deliver secure, interactive experiences that protect valuable content while engaging audiences on a deeper level. EZDRM-AgoraPartnershipAs interactive live streaming experiences become increasingly prominent in the media and entertainment industry, protecting digital assets from unauthorized access, copying, and alteration remains top of mind. Through its partnership with EZDRM, Agora is integrating real-time engagement capabilities with robust content protection solutions, providing secure, end-to-end real-time media streaming to address this need. This powerful combination, caters to the growing demand for exceptional real-time user experiences and provides creators and broadcasters with the assurance they need to distribute their content confidently to their audience, preserving its integrity while ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted broadcast.

"We chose to work with EZDRM because of their innovative solutions and commitment to providing security in a way that is transparent to the overall  user experience. Our partnership is important for our customers who require interactive live streaming with robust content protection," said Tony Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder at Agora. "By integrating their cutting-edge DRM technology with our real-time engagement platform, we can now offer a cohesive solution that delivers unparalleled user experiences across a variety of applications, from sports broadcasting and betting to real-time karaoke. We look forward to working collaboratively to create comprehensive resources for customers and push the boundaries of secure, interactive live streaming."

Agora WebRTC DiagramEZDRM offers content protection for live and on-demand streaming across a wide range of devices and platforms. Their WebRTC-DRM solution complements Agora's real-time engagement technology to ensure a smooth user experience, simplifying the implementation of secure, interactive live streaming content for Agora customers. As part of the partnership, EZDRM will collaborate with Agora to define and develop the integration, create a reference implementation and documentation, and provide support for customer engagements.

"We are excited to partner with Agora and align our DRM services with their real-time engagement solutions," said Olga Kornienko, COO and Co-Founder at EZDRM. "Together, we are empowering content creators and broadcasters to deliver interactive experiences that not only captivate audiences but also secure their revenue streams and  protect their intellectual property."

Agora and EZDRM’s partnership unlocks new possibilities for live streaming experiences, enabling users to enjoy premium entertainment with secure, ultra-low latency, synchronous delivery of content across devices and real-world applications. 

About Agora

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Agora is a pioneer and global leader in Real-Time Engagement Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), providing developers with simple, flexible, and powerful application programming interfaces, or APIs, to embed real-time voice, video, interactive live-streaming, chat, whiteboard, and artificial intelligence capabilities into their applications.

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