Azure Media Services Transitions to EZDRM: Security and Flexibility

The Azure cloud provides a valuable opportunity for service operators to take advantage of mature solutions for on-demand encoding, live and on-demand streaming, and content protection services offered by Microsoft partners, running on Azure and offered through the Azure marketplace. EZDRM is a perfect content protection upgrade for AMS customers looking for an easy-to-implement DRMaaS solution.

Very shortly, Microsoft will be phasing out their Azure Media Services (AMS) offering for businesses in the media and entertainment industry, which includes AMS's content protection services. We would like to emphasize that EZDRM not only offers straightforward integrations with all the Microsoft recommended encoding vendors, but also provides expert support throughout the entire transition process. This ensures a smooth experience for businesses as they adapt to these changes, and a number of new options for service development.

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EZDRM provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge security solution for operators who are making the transition from AMS. With EZDRM, AMS customers with large-scale media libraries can easily import content keys for their existing ABR files, minimizing or even eliminating the need for immediate reprocessing. Additionally, EZDRM seamlessly integrates with the Azure Marketplace, offering effortless billing support within a customer's existing Azure account.

The EZDRM solution offers an extensive array of media security capabilities that not only align with the existing options provided by Azure Media Services, but also go beyond them. We are committed to constantly enhancing and expanding our capabilities to cater to the evolving needs of Azure customers in the future.

"At Microsoft, our media endeavors thrive on collaboration. Having a diverse partner ecosystem that can mesh with our technology stack and bolster our customers’ solutions is paramount," remarks Andy Beach, CTO of Media & Entertainment. "EZDRM is a prime example of these principles. Their unwavering dedication to simplifying content security in streaming video delivery speaks volumes. They're not just a valuable resource for the industry, but a testament to what it means to be a good ecosystem partner."

EZDRM services on Azure Cloud, available through the Azure Marketplace, seamlessly integrate content protection, scalability, and robust security to offer the complete spectrum of tools necessary for content security of today's live and on-demand video services. The Azure Marketplace provides a convenient and trusted platform for customers to discover, deploy, and manage these solutions, accelerating time-to-value and driving business success. 

"Our track record of working with Microsoft over the last 20+ years is second to none, and this is a perfect opportunity to provide a smooth journey for service operators in their transition from  Azure Media Services," commented Olga Kornienko, COO and Co-Founder at EZDRM. "Furthermore, our well-established partnerships with the encoding and packaging service providers recommended by Microsoft in the AMS retirement guide enable us to collaborate closely during the transition process. This collaborative approach significantly reduces the overall risks and costs involved in migrating from Azure Media Services."

Furthermore, Microsoft-recommended transition partners are very enthusiastic about the prospects presented by their collaboration and integration with EZDRM.

Bitmovin gives their full support to our partnership synergy:

"We are delighted that customers have the ability to leverage existing integration with EZDRM's multi-DRM service on Microsoft Azure to protect their most valuable live and on-demand video content processed for streaming delivery using Bitmovin's industry-leading Live Encoding and VOD Encoding Software-as-a-Service products also running on Microsoft Azure," said Stefan Lederer, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitmovin. "What's more, customers also have the added flexibility to purchase Bitmovin's encoding products and EZDRM's multi-DRM service from the Azure Marketplace." 

MediaKind backs our collaborative strategy:

"MediaKind is proud of maintaining a close partnership with Microsoft and successfully transition several major customers from Azure Media Services to our Azure-powered Video SaaS," says Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer at MediaKind. "We are working with EZDRM on joint customer projects, and they have proven to be a reliable and highly responsive security partner”.

Ravnur also endorsed our joint approach:

"Ravnur offers an easy and risk-free transition from AMS to its own advanced media CMS, including Azure-native encoding, VOD and live streaming services, "commented Bruce Hudson, CEO of Ravur. "We make moving from AMS as simple as flipping a switch – and EZDRM offer a complementary media security solution which is just as easy to implement."

Harmonic added:

“EZDRM's multi-DRM solution aligns with Harmonic’s vision for efficient, high-quality video streaming,” said Eric Gallier, Vice President, Video Customer Solutions at Harmonic. “As enterprises transitioning from AMS look for agile, secure and scalable streaming solutions to deliver exceptional-quality videos directly to their audiences, Harmonic’s and VOS360 solutions offer a purpose-built cloud-based solution for quick integration into any existing ecosystem. Working with our partners, including EZDRM, we look forward to supporting businesses as they transition from AMS and help them deliver video content with high confidence.”

Discover for yourself how EZDRM can help your AMS migration. Visit the Azure marketplaceset up a free trial EZDRM account or schedule a meeting to review our offerings.

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