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Bradmax provides video playback online solutions. Mostly video players and analytics for analyzing how users watch content online. The company is focused on solving client problems related to playback. In this guest blog, the team explains this approach in more detail.

Video streaming platforms are complex systems using many different solutions from different areas. Bradmax cooperates with different companies in order to provide a secure and high-quality video experience, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is used to protect content from unauthorized copying, sharing, or distribution. This ensures that only those who are authorized to watch can do so and that the quality of the video is maintained. Furthermore, it is important to stream the video with a high bandwidth connection to ensure that viewers have a smooth and high-quality experience with minimal buffering or lag. DRM technology is essential to guarantee a secure and high-quality video experience when streaming services and content providers are involved.

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But the internet is not perfect. Connections can be broken or temporarily decrease the speed. Bradmax players handle such cases seamlessly for users, by automatically reconnecting or switching to different CDN when needed.
Also, some devices have limited support for video or audio codecs. When multiple options are available, the Bradmax player can choose the best-supported format, to minimize changes of playback issues or errors.

The Bradmax player is an innovative technology that can transmit videos on the fly, giving users the possibility to play videos on platforms where it was not available before. Muxing is a cheap and fast operation that is performed on end-user devices, so no additional costs are needed for video re-encoding. This is especially useful for legacy VOD content. The Bradmax player can play MS Smooth Streaming with PlayReady on Chrome and Widevine.

The Bradmax player is a great solution for many issues that other player providers may not be able to address. The company is made up of problem solvers and they are dedicated to finding solutions to any issues that arise.

But as mentioned before video platforms are not stand-alone boxes. These are systems of interconnected subsystems. Bradmax cannot provide reliable and secure solutions without DRM providers' help. We want to grant our clients easy-to-integrate solutions, that’s why EZDRM is our choice - easy to integrate Bradmax player with easy to integrate DRMs system. With the EZDRM partnership, we can faster analyze and solve clients' issues or implement new changes, saving clients time and money. Together with EZDRM, we can focus on solving all technical problems and keeping client content secure, when the client can focus on the business side of the project.

Please see more details of Bradmax and their technology on their website.

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