PlayReady DRM
by Microsoft

PlayReady, by Microsoft, has a wide and deep ecosystem that reaches a broad array of devices and operating systems to protect premium content while driving the optimal user experience. Using PlayReady DRM, content owners can fully protect and monetize their media assets.

EZDRM supports both Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Rights Manager technologies. Both Microsoft Smooth Streaming (PIFF) and MPEG-DASH (DASH) are supported content delivery methods.

In addition, we offers the following features for the EZDRM Hosted PlayReady service:

  • Key rotation
  • HLS on iOS (SDK requires for iOS)
  • Flexible usage right: Dynamic license value per request
  • Persistent and Non-Persistent license rights
  • Device filtering
  • Post Authentication API (an EZDRM Exclusive)
  • Hardware level TEE support
  • WMDRM playback support
    • Extend the reach of your Windows Media DRM protected content into the PlayReady-based experience. By using a combination of PlayReady DRM and WMDRM, you can ensure that a maximum number of end users can view your legacy content.
  • End to End Content Protection
  • Performance optimization

Benefits of PlayReady DRM

Widest Deployed DRM in the World

Microsoft PlayReady content protection is proven, versatile and scalable. The development of Microsoft PlayReady DRM technology is the culmination of over 14 years of research and development, significant patent portfolio with more than $2B invested in content protection technology.

Enables and Protects Content Anywhere

Watch and engage with more content, on any device. PlayReady supports all content types and various user scenarios for premium VoD and Live TV. The flexible business models enables versatile user scenarios including subscription services, advertising, rentals and single purchases.

End to End Ecosystem Enablement

The PlayReady platform provides a well-documented device porting kit and source code for hardware, application and system integrator partners. It also has a license server component to integrate easily into a service provider’s existing infrastructure.

Large Partner Network

PlayReady business models enable licensees to work together to leverage their specific skill and expertise to create unique, compelling and successful services. Microsoft provides server and client components that work together, enabling seamless consumption of protected content on various endpoints and devices.

Learn more about PlayReady from Microsoft

Supported Platform

  • IE 11 and Edge Browsers
  • Silverlight
  • XBox and PlayStation 4
  • Connected TVs(see manufacturer specs)
  • Windows Phone
  • Android TV / Google TV
  • Chromcast

Supported Formats

  • Smooth Streaming

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