WisePlay DRM
by Huawei

WisePlay DRM by Huawei

WisePlay DRM is a relatively new offering in the world of DRM technologies used by service operators. It is developed and marketed by Huawei Technologies based on the core standards of the ChinaDRM initiative. WisePlay provides access control technologies that restrict the use of proprietary media and encourage content creation. Using WisePlay DRM, content owners can protect user copyrights for their digital media for further reach and more secure distribution.

WisePlay is part of the range of key server technologies supported within the EZDRM Universal DRM service offering and provides a totally seamless way of protecting and delivering video services to a vast number of client devices, including those developed by Huawei, that do not support other proprietary security technologies.

    The features of WisePlay include:
  • CENC encryption for MPEG-DASH
  • Transport stream AES 128 CBC encryption for HLS
  • Sample AES encryption for HLS
  • Flexible entitlement checking before key delivery

Benefits of WisePlay

Extends the reach of robust DRM security

Support for services on client devices that are not permitted to implement US DRM technologies.

Complete control and flexibility during video playback

Fully featured hardware- and software-level security integrated within adaptive streaming video player.

Stringent device security

Robust device security is enabled by using factory provisioned keyboxes to establish a hardware root of trust, secure decryption and content rendering.

Compatibility with existing streaming standards

Support for multi-DRM content protection systems, as well as established legacy formats.

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Supported Platform

  • Huawei smartphones and tablet with Kirin 990 EMUI 10.1+
  • Huawei smartphones and tablet EMUI 11.0+

Supported Formats

  • HLS-fMP4 and HLS-TS

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