The team at EZDRM can rightly be credited with inventing the approach of Digital Rights Management (DRM) delivered as a service (DRMaaS) over 17 years ago. The concept was then, and remains today, a very compelling proposition. Rather than build your own expertise, infrastructure and support team, we make it a straightforward process to engage EZDRM to provide all the security technology you need through a service that is set up and fully managed by a team of DRM experts. Content owners and Internet-based media distributors can simply and rapidly integrate with our cloud-based offering to enable an efficient, cost-effective and superior method of content control and monetization. At EZDRM, we think about how to leverage market standards across your infrastructure – your encoders, your players, your entitlement management system – so that we can keep our solutions simple to use, and you can avoid proprietary solution complexity. We are committed to provide solutions that support all your viewer’s devices, apps and browsers, regardless of OS, network type, or whether online or offline. And as a Contributing Member of organizations like the DASH IF, we help shape the industry developments that will impact security and streaming technologies, so that our customers’ DRM solutions can evolve along with their business and content requirements.
EZDRM Workflow

Look to the EZDRM cloud based DRMaaS to simplify your security approach and address all the key qualities you are looking for in a service provider, including:

  • Feature completeness - no limits on the configurations of business model supported
  • Ease of integration - straightforward linkage between the service and your business back end
  • Scalability - cost effective scaling of security from the first stream delivery to market domination
  • Reliability - no business losses due to downtime or capacity limits
  • Standards support - tracking the fast moving world of streaming technology and industry alliances
  • Business transparency - easy to understand reporting and billing
You never want a technology choice or business relationship to be a limiting factor in the future of your service delivery. Talk to EZDRM - Digital Rights Management, Simplified.

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