Watermarks & DRM

Multi-layered Security for Video

Video watermarking solutions are deployed in increasing umbers of streaming services around the world. These technologies help to identify the source of content that is illegally being redistributed, allowing you to quickly and painlessly shut it down, combating the significant revenue losses that piracy inflicts on a streaming service business model.

See our layered security demonstration.

  • Multiple layers of protection for streaming service operator revenue
  • Highly robust watermarking insertion
  • Fully compliant with MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection
  • Secures live and VOD content
  • Critical for the commercial success of streamed sporting events

The EZDRM partnership with Friend MTS offers the best in layered security, combining robust DRMaaS with 4th generation of enhanced watermarking and monitoring solutions for no-gap security in your services.

Designed for real-world anti-piracy, Friend MTS ASiD provides content owners, broadcasters, and service operators with solid protection from the large-scale piracy revenue drain.

ASiD is the most widely deployed and actively used subscriber-level watermarking in the world securing tens of millions of set-top boxes and OTT players.

Highly robust and fully compliant with the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, ASiD solutions secure live and VOD content including the most watched sporting events and Hollywood movies.


Supported Platforms

The EZDRM and Friend MTS solution is designed to work with a full range of HTML5 players and native apps for full DRM support - enabling Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay.

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