Solution: CPIX Multi-Key Integration

CPIX Multi-Key

This page demonstrates how a CPIX document can be used to set 5 different keys for audio, SD video, HD video, 4K video and 8K tracks, along with DRM specific data for both PlayReady and Widevine.

  • Satisfy the DRM requirements of content owners
  • Enforce hardware DRM for premium features to offer highest possible protection
  • Use standard level of DRM protection for regular content to offer broad compatibility with end-user devices
  • Ensure maximum flexibility with separate encryption keys for audio, SD, HD, 4K etc.
  • Recommended by Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady
  • In the code below, the video is protected by keyID 8a5aa981-4913-436e-bcb0-915fb4b205cd , and the audio is protected by keyID 6b73df24-1669-4cb8-a5cd-dd5d7a68a26f