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Business Scenarios

Below is a list of possible business uses of the Digital Rights Managenet (DRM) technology.

                Digital Media Preview-and-Purchase

Using Windows Media Rights Manager, a retail Web site offers consumers the option to preview songs before buying them. The consumer is allowed to download any song and play it two times in exchange for registering with the service. The third time the consumer attempts to listen to the file, he is taken directly to the retailers Web site, where he is given instructions on how to purchase the music. The content owner is able to promote its recording artists and albums on the Internet while cutting down on marketing costs and also to use registration information to strengthen its mailing list.


                Pay-Per-View Movies

A content owner creates a digital cinematic experience for consumers similar to cable pay-per-view. A consumer visits a virtual video store, provides registration information and a credit card, and rents a movie to play on her PC. The movie, protected with Windows Media Rights Manager, is streamed to the consumers computer.


                Company Presentations/Protection of Sensitive Material

An employee was unable to attend a company meeting about a new sales program and now wants to view the briefing. Because the company doesnít want the information to leak out to its competitors, it has protected the streamed content using Windows Media Rights Manager. When the employee selects the presentation on his office PC, a one-time license for the content is issued silently, and the video begins streaming.


                Distance Learning

As part of a career development program, an employee is taking a marketing class offered by a major university located out of state. The university has saved videos of all the presentations in the course and, using Windows Media Rights Manager, has encrypted them so they can be streamed or downloaded to students computers after the acquisition of a license. The employee logs in, and a license is sent to her computer. The company uses the license as an attendance record and also for billing purposes.


                Promotional Model

The Promotional Model allows you to give free samples of your content, while harvesting information such as email, address, age, gender, and location. To access your content the end user must answer a series of questions that you have defined. Only after the end user has entered the information will they be given free access to your content. Even then you have control of the number of plays or time allowed.


                CD/DVD Distribution

Hard file distribution allows you to send out CD or DVDís to people across the world.When the file is opened and played, the media will prompt the user for a license.


                Subscription Models

For $10 a month, a consumer visits a web site that allows him unlimited access to a large collection of songs. He downloads a number of songs and plays them as often a he wants. Using Windows Media Rights Manager, the content owner creates a licenses model with start and end dates. For each song the consumer selects, a license that expires on the last day of the months is pre-delivered to him. The next month, he can no longer play them because his monthly license has expired. He is automatically prompted to pay his monthly fee, after which he is issued new licenses that expire on the last day of the next month.


                One File, Different Licenses

A consumer visits a retail Web site and finds a song she likes. During the purchase process, she is asked to choose the license she desires. For a small fee, she can play the song for one month. For a larger fee, she can play the song forever and transfer the song to a portable device. She chooses the latter. Windows Media Rights Manager issues a license to her with no expiration date that also includes the right to play the file on her portable music device.



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