Utilizing the powerful content access and control in Silverlight 3 DRM, the hosted EZDRM model delivers enterprise content control to the SMB market, while integrating more easily with existing business models in the content industry
Delaware, US, July 10, 2009

EZDRM, StrikeTheSet LLC, a leading provider of Digital Rights Management, DRM, announced today that it will be adding the powerful Microsoft Silverlight 3 DRM powered by PlayReady to its content access and control delivery services. EZDRM is among the first to release a hosted Silverlight DRM solution for the small to medium businesses. EZDRM’s simple integration allows companies to fully secure their media while allowing seamless delivery to viewers.

The hosted DRM platform is an affordable alternative to costly in-house solutions. EZDRM users can easily add DRM to their new and existing media-based assets. With the addition of Silverlight DRM, EZDRM now enables the use of Windows Media DRM 10 protected content together with content protected by the latest PlayReady encryption.  The media can be viewed securely in the Silverlight player, allowing users to enhance their revenue model.

Digital Rights Management has been a service of EZDRM for over 6 years.  Now with the feature set of Silverlight DRM, we can offer a cross-platform way to experience media. The Silverlight technology is a great way for business currently using Microsoft DRM to enhance their viewership by offering an online experience in addition to downloadable playback through the Windows Media Player.

“We have been waiting a long time to offer our clients a solution to protect online content while allowing end users to view the media on any system, regardless of the browser or OS they have,” said David Eisenbacher, CEO and co-founder of EZDRM.”Silverlight 3’s powerful feature set for media and content protection help enable exciting new viewing experiences for end users, and new revenue streams for businesses.”

EZDRM has developed a hosted solution composed of two parts. The first allows our current, as well as any Windows Media DRM clients, to add a Silverlight playback option to their protected content. The second offers native PlayReady technology to support a higher level of encryption.

“Silverlight DRM is another perfect example of how easy it is for our customers and partners to monetize and rapidly develop the types of highly interactive protected experiences customers demand,” said Steve Sklepowich, group product manager for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft continues to be excited by partners such as EZDRM who are using Microsoft Silverlight to deliver enhanced user experiences on the Web.”

EZDRM is a leader in providing hosted Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, enabling content owners and Internet-based media distributors an efficient, cost-effective and superior method of content control. EZDRM solutions are ideal for video-on-demand, downloadable off- line playback, e-learning and Web-based video offerings. EZDRM customers are able to expand their viewership and create new revenue from their content assets.