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EZDRM is a proud member of the MPEG-DASH Industry Forum.

MPEG-DASH support will be available in the upcoming solution powered by the EZDRM's hosted DRM technology platform, including Adobe Access, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine DRM technologies.

Now ratified as an ISO standard, MPEG-DASH was designed to provide a universal standard for adaptive bit rate (ABR) delivery while incorporating the best elements of existing proprietary ABR technologies.

EZDRM's hosted DASH DRM utilizes the MPEG-DASH standard to delivery digital media to any device. As a member of the MPEG-DASH Industry Forum, EZDRM actively works with other industry leaders to ensure our MPEG-DASH support meets evolving standards.

With support for MPEG-DASH in the EZDRM technology platforms, you will be able to leverage multi-DRM support in a single format.

Key features include:

  • Deliver live and on-demand content in MPEG-DASH format
  • Play back on DASH-AVC/264-compatible players
  • Protect live and on-demand DASH streams using Common Encryption
  • Deliver content in a universal protected format
  • Deliver streaming content that uses the Dolby Digital Plus audio codec

Please take a look at the MPEG DASH Demo

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