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                 What is

EZDRM is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) license provider service offering an end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) system that offers content providers and retailers a flexible platform for the secure distribution of digital media files. Using Rights Manager, content owners can now deliver music, videos, and other digital media content over the Internet in a protected format. Rights Manager makes it easy for consumers to legitimately obtain digital media files and, in this way, maintain the rights of the content owners. Rights Manager started shipping in April 1999. It is widely deployed by content providers, and is already installed on tens of millions of consumer desktops. EZDRM is proven technology that has gone through multiple revisions.


                 How does EZDRM work?

The basic Rights Manager process is as follows :

Rights Manager packages the digital media file. The packaged media file gets encrypted and is locked with a "key." This key is stored in an encrypted license, which is distributed separately. (This feature is unique to Rights Manager.) Other information is added to the digital media file, such as the URL, where the license can be acquired. This packaged media file is saved in Windows Media Audio format (with a .wma file name extension) or Windows Media Video format (with a .wmv file name extension).

The packaged file can be placed on a Web site for download, placed on a media server for streaming, distributed on a CD, or e-mailed to consumers. Rights Manager permits consumers to send copy-protected digital media files to their friends as well.

Establishing a License Server
The content provider chooses a license clearing house (such as EZDRM), that stores the specific rights or rules of the license and implements the Rights Manager license services. The role of the clearing house is to authenticate the consumer's request for a license. Digital media files and licenses are distributed and stored separately, making it easier to manage the entire system.

License Acquisition
To play a packaged media file, the consumer must first acquire a license key to unlock the file. The process of acquiring a license begins automatically when the consumer plays the file for the first time. Rights Manager either sends the consumer to a registration page where information is requested or payment is required, or "silently" retrieves a license from a clearing house.

Playing the media file
To play the digital media file, the consumer needs a media player that supports Rights Manager. The consumer can then play the media file according to the rules or rights that are included in the license. Licenses can have different rights, such as start times and dates, duration, and counted operations. For instance, default rights may allow the consumer to play the media file on a specific computer and copy the file to a portable device. Licenses, however, are not transferable. If a consumer sends a packaged digital media file to a friend, this friend must acquire their own license to play the media file. This PC-by-PC licensing scheme ensures that the packaged digital media file can only be played by the computer that has been granted the license key for that file.


                 What is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) license provider service?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) encrypts a media file and requires a license in order to play back the encoded file. That license is what provides instead of the content producer, content owner, or content distributor providing the licenses, Does it for them.


                 Why would I use a license provider service?

Simple end to end integration; instead of having to build, and support an entire Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution, you can very easily integrate into your existing web site.


                 Can I integrate with my existing web site?

Yes, designed to work with your existing website, no need to redesign your website. is a back end component that Does not effect the way you promote or sell your digital media on or off the web. Our component is used during the encoding of the media file and upon play of the media file.


                 What version of Digital Rights Management (DRM) does provide? provides Windows Media 10 Digital Rights Management (DRM), this version allows you to issue media license in version 10 and in version 1 for older systems and non windows systems.


                 What version of DRM does EZDRM support?

EZDRM support DRM versions 1, 10.


                 Does EZDRM protected content work on non Windows PCís?

Yes, All media protected with EZDRM can play on any computer or media player device that supports Windows Media player. The current list is: MAC 8.1- OS X, Solaris, Pocket PC, Palm, Handheld PC, and all Microsoft Windows OSís.


                 What is needed to use

To use as your license provider service, you need to encode your media with Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9, and the security plug in.


                 What if my media files are encoded with a different version of Windows Media Encoder?

You can re encode the media file with Windows Media 9 encoder, and the security plug in.


                 How does EZDRM protect digital content?

The Rights Manager system uses a wide range of cryptographic and anti-piracy techniques to protect digital media content and its own integrity. Rights Manager encrypts a given media file with a full-strength encryption algorithm. This algorithm is based on published ciphers that have withstood the scrutiny of the cryptographic community. No decryption key is contained in the Windows Media Format file container. Decrypting an isolated Windows Media file would require breaking industrial-strength cryptographic algorithms.


                 Does EZDRM work with non Microsoft media formats such as mpg or mp3?

Yes, EZDRM works with .mpg and .mp3 because EZDRM is a plug in to Windows Media Encoder 9 and Windows Media Encoder 9 is able to convert these formats. Other formats may have to go though a third party converter.


                 How does EZDRM protect content owners' rights during the transfer of digital media files?

Standard cryptographic protocols based on digital signatures are used for authentication throughout the Rights Manager system. For example, license servers use Rights Manager technology to authenticate Rights Manager-based clients. These clients use digital certificates on their PCs. The digital certificate's unique public key and version number identify the client. Licenses are issued only to authenticated clients. The digital media file key in the license is also encrypted in such a way that only the EZDRM-based client software to which the key was issued can retrieve it. A digital signature further protects the usage rules from tampering.


                 Can EZDRM create different licenses for the same digital media file?

Yes. For instance, consumers could acquire a movie with a single-play rental license. If they tried to play the movie a second time, they would be directed to a license clearing house or e-commerce Web site, where they may be presented with the option to purchase an unlimited playback license. In this case, the consumer downloads the digital media file only once but receives multiple licenses for that file.


                 How do I move a file to a PDA?

You can move any of these files to your PDA that supports Microsoft Media Player 7 and higher. You can download this at Then use the Microsoft Media Player on your PC/Mac to move the file to the PDA. Don't use your PDA software to move it. If you use the PDA software the license key won't follow and you won't be able to play the movie.


                 Which devices support Windows Media Device Manager?

We have announced support for the following portable device companies: Diamond, Creative, Sony, I-Jam, Casio, Compaq, DnC Tech, Thomson/RCA, Texas Instruments, Cirrus Logic, MIPS Technologies, and Hitachi. Leading chip manufacturers have made Windows Media Format (with the Windows Media Audio codec and EZDRM) the most widely supported non-MP3 format.


                 Does work with downloadable media files?

Yes, works for media files that are downloadable off the Internet for later play back, also peer to peer file sharing services if that is your distribution method


                 Does work with streaming media (On Demand Media)?

Yes, works will all streaming media (on demand), if that is your distribution method.


                 Does work with media on CDís or DVDís?

Yes, works with all media files that are on CDís and DVDís, if that is your distribution method.


                 Does EZDRM support sites that run on non windows operating systems?

Yes, EZDRM works on UNIX, MAC, Windows, and any other web server technology.


                 Does EZDRM support the ability to see who, what, and when licenses were issues?

Yes. EZDRM supports the ď3 WísĒ, you will be able to see who a license was issued to via information you collect during the issuing. What type of license and license attributes were issued, and when licenses were issued to viewers.


                 Does EZDRM support SDMI?

Yes. EZDRM supports SDMI, due to being built on Microsoftís Windows Media SDK


                 Does EZDRM support super distribution?

Yes. Digital media files are maintained in a protected format at all times. This protected file can be freely shared between customers. When customers without a license attempt to access the shared digital media file, they are prompted to get a license for that digital media file by following the business rules specified at the hosting Web site. Acquiring a new license to play a super distributed media file requires an active Web connection.


                 Does EZDRM support time-limited playback of digital media files?

Yes. Licenses to play back digital media files can specify start times, end times, and license duration limits. If customers with an expired license try to access a digital media file, they are directed back to the hosting Web site for another license. In EZDRM, both start and expiration dates are supported, which creates great flexibility. For example, a digital media file could be distributed with a license that disables playback until the intended release date.


                 Does EZDRM support limiting the number of times a digital media file can be played?

Yes. EZDRM supports counted operations (a specified number of times a file can be played back) through distribution of multiple single-play licenses and support counted operations in one license.


                 Does EZDRM support limits on digital media file transfers to portable devices or portable media?

Yes. Rights Manager adds a right in the license to enable or disable copying to a portable device or portable media. When enabled, the packaged digital media file can be copied to a portable device or portable media. The license is bound to a unique ID on the portable device or media.


                 Does EZDRM support limiting the number of times a digital media file can be copied?

Yes. A packaged media file can be freely copied between PCs, however, each PC that plays the packaged digital media file needs a separate license. The license server can be configured to restrict the number of licenses that it issues for any given copy.


                 Does EZDRM support CD-ROM/DVD copies?

Yes. Rights Manager has the ability to set the appropriate license right to "burn-to-CD." To copy a packaged Windows Media file onto a CD-ROM, the consumer must have a license that includes the right to do so. CD-ROM-copying applications are required to honor the rights set by the content owner and distributor. Once content is copied to a CD-ROM, it is no longer packaged.


                 How does EZDRM interface with retailers?

Third-party service providers, such as CyberCash, or IBill


                 Does EZDRM support offline metering?

There is an increasing level of sensitivity regarding the collection and use of consumers' personal information by Web site managers and others. Microsoft wants to ensure that Rights Manager addresses both the needs of the content providers and consumer privacy. Offline user activity metering is not supported by Rights Manager at this time.


                 What is the recommended way to silently identify a user on the server side when a license is requested?

Silent identification of users is not supported by the EZDRM due to privacy concerns; so EZDRM does not hand out the client ID to the license server.


                 What, if anything, has to be deployed for the Windows Media Players to be able to play digital media files packaged by EZDRM?

Windows Media Player has a DRM component built-in. You don't have to do anything to make it work with an EZDRM packaged content file. For files protected with Secure Audio Path, the client machine must be running either Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition or Microsoft Windows XP operating system.


                 How do I protect digital media files with EZDRM so they can be played by Windows Media Player 6.4? What are the drawbacks, if any?

You can protect the digital media files with EZDRM version 1. Alternatively, EZDRM 7 and 7.1 packager can put a separate URL for version 1 license acquisition in the header. Windows Media Player 6.4 can use this URL to acquire a version 1 license for the content or this URL can point the user to an "upgrade to Windows Media Player 7" page.


                 Why can't I view the movie I downloaded?

In order to view the movies you need Microsoft Media Player 7.x or higher. You can get the latest media player at


                 Unauthorized DRM client error

When trying to play a movie during the "License Acquisition", a pop up occurs that says "-2147188722 Unauthorized DRM client". This happens due to a new security release to stop the "FREEME.exe". This error is easy corrected by clicking on this link from Microsoft Doing this it will update client's security component.


                 License restore and backup

We do not offer the ability to restore any lost security keys to unlock the content you have downloaded. But you can easily set it up by going to Tools > License Management > Back up on your Media Player. If you set allow backup and restore, you can access licenses in Tools > License management Option in Windows Media Player.


                 Where can I get additional information about Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

For More Information go to the Microsoft site



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