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Windows Media DRM (WM DRM)

Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows Media DRM on July 14, 2015. As such, this technology will no longer be available after that date. Please conatct us if you have questions.

Windows Media Service Provider   Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a proven platform to protect and securely deliver content for playback on Windows-based computers, portable devices, and network devices.
The latest version offers increased flexibility to support a wide range of business models that provide consumers even greater access to protected audio and video content.
Windows Media DRM 10 allows for the seamless flow of content to almost any device. EZDRM offers the widest range of business model options for digital media, ensuring the security of content as it flows from device to device. The Business Scenarios page introduces some of the ways content owners can monetize on their media.

As a Microsoft certified Partner, EZDRM is on the cutting edge of Windows Media DRM security, ensuring that your media is secure up to the latest Microsoft standards.

License Customization and DRM Rules

EZDRM offers you maximum control over your media and the licenses you issue. The licenses are dynamic, so there is no need to re-encode the media in order to change the license or have multiple copies of your media for different sets of DRM rules. We give you control over the following rules:

  • Play Count
  • Expiration, including date and time period
  • Begin date and grace period
  • Play time after first use or download
  • Burring to a CD for audio files
  • Transferring to portable devices and the number of transfers
  • Backup of the license
  • Disabling or deletion of the license if the computer's clock is changed
  • Distribution to devices without DRM
  • Output protection levels for both audio and video

Additional Supported Features

Additionally, EZDRM has implemented the following extended features, to make your license delivery process unique and more customizable to your needs:

  • KeyID return service
  • Metering
  • License Revocation
  • License Chaining

You can also refer to the Microsoft site for more information:

For all of the pricing details, check our our Services page.


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