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Apple FairPlay Streaming DRM (FPS)

Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady®   FairPlay® Streaming, developed by Apple®, enables users to enjoy the best video entertainment experience and is intended for use with all iOS devices as well as Apple TV. Content owners can easily and securely distribute premium content to their customers and to the approval of content owners worldwide. EZDRM FairPlay® Streaming (FPS) provides secure content playback with the iOS and Apple TV device's native player. Content protection can be easily used for video distribution, obtaining access
to premium entertainment from Hollywood Studios and broadcasters and protecting their revenues from unauthorized use and piracy.


Key Benefits

  • Enterprise protection of your HLS audio and video
  • Uses and established key system already adopted throughout the industry
  • Native to iOS, Apple TV, and OS X
  • Efficient power consumption on mobile devices
  • Full integration with AirPlay
  • DRM Business Rules
  • Dynamic DRM rules per request.
  • Meets the stringent security requirements of the Hollywood studios and major broadcasters for premium content licensing, distribution and delivery to iOS devices
  • Enables rapid deployment of a seamlessly integrated, cost-effective secure media delivery platform, offering operational simplicity and efficiency
  • Comprehensive content protection expertise and renowned customer service throughout service deployment

FairPlay Streaming and Apple AirPlay

There are no special requirements to stream FairPlay encrypted content to AppleTV: it happens automatically. Everything is managed by FairPlay Streaming and passed through by Apple TV. The source devices relays encryption data between the devices and Apple TV. This method maintains all the security benefits of FairPlay Streaming.


FairPlay Streaming in Safari OS X

FairPlay Streaming takes advantage of Encrypted Media Extensions which are an emerging HTML5 encryption standard. Because of this, the code written for key delivery must be written using JavaScript. The EZDRM FairPlay DRM can be used for both iOS and OS X, and content from the browser can be delivered to other devices via AirPlay.


Additional Details from Apple


Getting Started

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